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    Take advantage of daily Top 25 lists...
    Click on the Top 25 button and peruse the lists of stocks most likely to be on the move.  The Top 25 lists are based on stocks that generated a Candlestick indicator for the current day.  Top 25 lists are sorted by indicator reliability, volume, change, and percent change.   The Top 25 lists are divided into bullish and bearish categories.  Don't let tomorrows trading catch you by surprise.

    Create and track your own Portfolio...
    Click on the Portfolio button to build your own portfolio.  Your portfolio can include up to 25 stocks, which will be automatically updated daily.  Use the Top 25 lists to create sample portfolios if you like, and prove to yourself the value of making Candlestick Charts an integral part of your daily research arsenal.

    Use CandleQuery to generate your own indicator searches...
    Click on the CandleQuery link and enter parameters for creating your own indicator search.  CandleQuery uses historical data and analysis as another tool for researching indicators.  For example, you could use CandleQuery to find all the stocks with Engulfing Bullish indicators for the current week.

    Talk Shop with other members...
    Click on the Talk Shop button to go to our sophisticated chat and message room.  Talk Shop is a newsgroup where registered users can go to post and read messages about Candlestick Chart indicators, the days trading events, and other information.  You can even create your own newsgroups pertaining to specific stocks.  So don't be in the water alone, take advantage of the insights of others.

    Receive daily customized e-mail...
    Check your e-mail every day to find information right on your desktop.  Each member receives a personally customized e-mail with a sample of the day's Top 25 lists and other important trading information.  So if you're too busy to browse the net for stock tips -- don't call us, we'll mail you.

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