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Prophet Financial Systems, Inc.

Coming Soon for Members Only

More Technical Analysis Indicators

As we have already applied the Three Line Break Method for trend analysis, we will be adding more strength to our candlestick analysis with additional technical indicator options within our charting.

More Indicators

We will periodically be updating our analysis bed with new indicators.

Real Time Analysis 2.0

Everyone wants to place that trade just before the market closes, now you can have the "almost" end of day candlestick analysis just in time. The candlestickchart RTA 1.0 engine is currently being used on our Interday Analysis and charting. Soon we'll be releasing version 2.0 which will blow other candlestick sites away with Realtime Streaming Candlestick Analysis. This new applet currently being built and tested, will provide realtime streaming quotes, trending, and candelstick analysis for our members. There will be no additional site costs, but there will be a fee directly to the data feed provider to be determined.

Volcano Alerts

These Volcano Alerts will be shown when a symbol hits an Indicator AND the volume breaks the listed Average Volume...providing an added strength indicator to a symbol and possibly increasing the Indicator's Reliability: Provides a positive symbol to watch.

candlestickchart Trending (LWT)

While we currently use the Three Line Break Method for determining the trend before we analyze for an Indicator, we have put great research into a new trending algorithm. This new trending indicator (LWT) will give a great added strength to our site as it will be useful in itself even if no Candlestick Indicator is present. Soon, on every symbol we analyze, we'll present the LWT indicator whether a Candlestick Indicator is present or not.

Intraday Analysis

Along with the current delayed quote snapshot and analysis, we will also be presenting an Intraday Chart with Intraday Analysis. You choose the interval, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 60 min candles.




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